Goldfinch Gardens is located in Celo, North Carolina, about 1 hour NE of Asheville.

At the base of Mt. Mitchell, we are able to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs. We also raise a herd of holstein steers for beef. In addition to online sales, our produce can be found at Asheville area farm to table restaurants.

Our mission is to produce gourmet, premium quality food in a sustaining work environment. We strive to create an agricultural ecosystem that is beneficial to the soils and life around us, using low-impact methods to bring healthy food to market year round. Our goal is a farm organism that balances the needs of our community, our family, our business and the land we steward. We love what we do, and that shows in the quality of the produce we grow and the smiles of those who eat it.

Cedar and Ben have been involved in organic agriculture for 10 years or so. While Cedar did some gardening in her youth here in Celo, Ben grew up in Chicago and was first introduced to plants when he met Cedar. We both went to school in Olympia, Washington, and after Ben dropped out, they fell in love. Cedar pursued a degree in botany, soil science and agro-ecology, and pointed Ben in the direction of a farm internship in Wisconsin. Eventually we started our own farm in Montgomery County, Maryland and learned that we could really do this, just not there. After 3 years, we moved to Celo, built our house, had our kids (Hazel, born in 2005 and Naomi, born in 2007) and started to think about farming again. So here we are, grateful to be able to do what we love and feed our community in the process.

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