Our CSA program is like a virtual farmers market. You are able to purchase veggies when it works for you and you get to choose what you get. Availability changes throughout the season. 

We send out a weekly email with a link to our website every Tuesday afternoon. After you login to your account, you can place items in your cart and check out. You can also check your balance on your account page. We ask that you order by Thursday evening. Early on Friday we remove the inventory from the store, print out all the orders and harvest. We do ask for a $9 minimum order, which is usually 2-3 items. There is a $15 Annual Membership Fee. You can pick up your veggies any time over the weekend, but we ask that they be picked up by Sunday night. 

Payments - We have 4 possible ways you can pay us: check, credit card or Venmo. 

Checks: You can leave deposits (personal check) in the black lock box attached to the table (Celo only). Checks can also be sent to 77 Paw Paw Hill Rd, Burnsville, NC 28714. 

Credit Card: You can pay for your order each time with a credit card. You can use your credit card to buy $50 of store credit to keep your account flush. If using a credit card we ask for customers to cover the credit card fee for this convenience. 

Venmo: Payment can be sent via Venmo. Our Venmo handle is @goldfinchgardens if you are looking for us. We will add the amount after the Venmo fee is deducted. Payments made via Venmo, check or store credit purchased with a credit card are not entered into your Goldfinch account until we have time to process them, usually within 2-3 days.