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Buying local food is Easy
1) Receive email each Tuesday at 4pm prompting you to check weekly produce availability online
2) Log into your account and place order during the order period of Tuesday afternoon through Friday by 7am
3) Pick-up your order at the Celo food co-op anytime after 5:00 pm on Friday.
If you are interested in signing up,  please send an email to or call us at 675-1740
Unique Payment System
Customers create an account on our website with an opening balance of $50. This balance is used to make purchases from the online farm store. When your balance is running low, you add to it in increments of $50. There are no large upfront costs, just maintain a positive balance. All payments are made by check made out to Goldfinch Gardens or using Dwolla, a third party bank transfer.  When we receive your payment, we will update your balance online.  Credit in your account rolls over from season to season.  

Annual membership/administrative fee is $10.
Please leave check in deposit box at pick-up or mail payments to Goldfinch Gardens, 77 Paw Paw Hill Rd. Burnsville NC, 28714.  

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will do what we can to correct the problem and if requested, we will promptly refund the balance of your account.
We do ask that you order at least once per 6 month period to keep your account active and that each order be at least 3 items. (the 3 item minimum doesn't apply during the lean winter months)
Pick-up Details  (see photo guide below)
Pick up at your convenience at the Ten Thousand Things Food Co-op, Located on Hwy 80S just south of Seven Mile Ridge Rd. 
You can pick-up at anytime after that 5 on Friday evening.  The "cooler" has a heater as well so in the winter months, your produce will still be kept happy. We leave the produce in the coolers until the following week when we clean up.  Orders will hold just fine until Sunday, or even Monday.  
If you ordered tomatoes,  look for them on the table right in paper bags labelled with your name.  


We routinely over harvest popluar items and put the in the extras fridge.  You can purchase items from the extras fridge without pre-ordering.  Perfect for last minute needs or if you forget to order in the normal window.  We can debit your account when you fill out an extras slip and put it in the box.  Alternately,  you can purchase using cash by filling out an extras slip and putting cash in the deposit box.  Non-account holders can purchase from the extras fridge using cash or check for purchase.